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Exist 2 Inspire:                                                                                                                                     

Credit: Jeff Hardy & Unknown


I met my girlfriend, Beth, just after we won the Tag Team Championships. It was at a Dockside, this club in Southern Pines where we used to hang out. The guys that ran the club had told us that if we ever won the belts they were going to put up a big banner: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HARDY BOYZ- THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

We went down there, and sure enough, there was the banner. It was so exciting, feeling like a big hero in my hometown club.

I'd seen Beth there a few times, but I never really got up the nerve to talk to her. So we were hanging out, dancing and Beth came over to me, just to say congratulations. We danced a little bit, and I was really attracted to her. The next day, Matt and I had plans to go to Myrtle Beach with a few friends and I asked her to come with us. That kind of freaked her out. "I just met you," she said.

She didn't go to the beach, but we exchanged numbers. I called her that Monday after we got back from the beach. It was so strange, but I just knew she was the girl for me. I couldn't explain it, but there was an incredibly strong connection between us, right from the start. I wanted to see her so bad, but she was going to UNC at the time, and would come home every other weekend.

We talked on the phone night after night, and eventually she came down and we got to spend time together. Neither of us had our own house, so we used to hang out at Johnny Yow's place. It was such a great time in my life. Thing were going great in my wrestling career and I'd met this amazing fun girl.

It's a pretty intense relationship. We have some serious arguments, but we really love each other a lot. There are things about me that make her crazy. I'm not the kind of guy who remembers things like anniversaries, and that totally freaks her out. But that's just the way I am.

We'll probably get married one day, but that's not that big of a deal to me. Our relationship is what's important to me. She probably has a fantasy of a big traditional wedding, but she also knows that's something I want nothing to do with.

It's hard to describe, but Beth reminds me of my mother, even though they're completely, totally different. She doesn't take care of me---hell, she aggravates me.