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Luna Nyx:                                                                                                                                               

Credit: Luna Nyx & Jeff & Beth's Babies


It has come to my attention that rumors are circulating about my identity. Rather than have everyone wonder I have decided that the time has come to say who I am. Many of you either know me or have heard of me or of my story. My name is Luna Nyx and as I have said I am a big Hardy Boyz fan in California. I met the boyz for the first time three years with my life long friend, Alice Cooper.

At the begining of 2002 Alice was diagnosed with breast cancer. Matt arranged to see and visit with us in early January (2003). That day she had been given two weeks to live. After a yearlong battle she died two days later as I held her.

Matt and Jeff were both shocked… no one expected this so happen so quickly. Since then they have gone out of their way to support me and help me through this difficult time. Jeff recorded a song for me about Alice. Matt mentioned us in his commentary… They called me, gave me tickets to shows, etc.

In February Beth contacted me about the lyrics to the song. Since then we have become friends. She is a very sweet and wonderful woman. She helped me through so many things. She is one of those people you can really talk to. One day she told me about the puppies and sent me pictures. I asked her if I could put them on line. I knew other fans would love to see them too. MSN seemed to be a good place to put them. I never intended to create a group… that happened all by it self.

So this site was born and grew up to become what is it today. A place to see Jeff and Beth's babies and to know what is REALLY going on with Jeff Hardy. I am in touch with Beth on a regular basis. She provides me with all the information I post. I will not post rumors!

In closing I want to say that this site is a labor of love for two people who have taken me in at a time of need and been my friends. Jeff who touched my heart deeper than he can imagine with his song about my dear Alice. Beth… who listens to me like a sister and always knows what to say and when to let me cry.

Luna Nyx "WindOfPower" May 13, 2003