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Part 1:                                                                                                                                                   

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Group #8 June 01, 2004 Page 1

X4LIFE This question is for Jeff. Jeff, ever since I was 14 i have idolized both of you and Matt and you guys are the only reason I wanted to get into wrestling period and thank you. And I am training to be a wrestler and what I want to ask is, do you have any advice or any techniques that helped you out when you started out. And also I have been having trouble finding a indy wrestling fed to try out for but I can’t find any so I would also like to know how you found yours.

*We created it.

Hatedwth Passion2 Jeff: Usually everyone has had their first movie and their first song when they were little. It would be the first movie and the first song they really got into or called their favorite. I was wondering which ones could you remember that you liked when you were younger? Thanks. I love you!

*My mom took me and Matt to our first movie----ROCKY IV.

*I used to like the song "One Night In Bangkok."

Yer Yang Jeff and/or Beth: how do you guys feel about us submitting questions about your life?

*We don't mind. We wouldn't answer anything that we were uncomfortable with.

Doggie What would your ideal return be like, would you like to do a run in? Open the show? Be a mystery opponent? or anything you've thought of yourself or with the WWE Creative Team

*I think it would be cool to be a mystery opponent....or a mystery partner in a tag match.

Shorty Hardy Hey Jeff and Beth! Before I ask my question I just want to thank you for everything you both have done for all of the fans! Jeff, if you could be in any match with any wrestler(s) from the past or present who would you like to wrestle? I cant wait till you make your return!


Samantha_84 Pugh Jeff, I think your songs are cool, and would like to thank you and Beth for taking the time to answer our questions. My question is Have you heard Amy's track on the WWE Original's CD? If so what do you think of it and would you consider doing a song with her as I think it would sound cool

*Yes, I've heard it and I like it. Amy and I have recorded a few things together....just for fun....All three of us, Matt, Amy and myself, have recorded some, yeah, it's been done.

wings369 Thank you both so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. We love you for it! My question is did either/both of you see the Lord of the Rings movies and if so, what did you think of them?

*Nope, we didn't see them.

XtremeAngel2003 Jeff - I just wanted to say I'm your biggest fan. If/when you return to the WWE, who is the first person you would want a story line with? Thanks!!

*Shawn Michaels in singles competition....or....The Hardy Boyz and ???

Peaches28MW First let me say that I think you and Beth are a beautiful couple and I wish you both the best. My question is for Jeff. I was wondering if you had given any thought as to what direction you want to go with your return to the WWE? Like are you looking more to singles competion or looking to return to tag team wrestling? And also, please make sure to take care of YOU when you go back both physically and emotionally, k?


Ally Hey Jeff, thnx 4 taking out your time for us and all, Beth too! =) I was just wondering, we al know that siblings love to torture each other and get into huge fights, well my question(s) are what is the biggest fight you and Matt ever got into when you were younger, and what is the biggest joke you guys ever played on one another? Thnx and cant wait 2 see you back soon!

*I can't even remember what we were fighting over....but it all ended when Matt picked up a recliner and threw it over on me. I threw in the towel then....I was pretty messed up from that.

*Me, Matt and Marty Garner were coming home from a show in Charlotte in Matt's old CRX. It had the back seat that could lay down and allow access into the trunk from inside the car. Matt and Marty were talking over an excessively loud stereo the whole time, not talking to me at all. We stopped at a store to get a drink, got back in the car, and Matt and Marty continued talking over the excessively loud stereo. So, I pulled the back seat down, crawled into the trunk, and pulled the seat back up without either of them even noticing. I rode the rest of the way home in the trunk. When we finally got home, Matt and Marty got out of the car and were like, "Where's Jeff? OMG!!! We must have left him back at the store!" They were freaking out! After a minute or two, they got back into the car and were going to go back to the store to look for me. I just started laughing really loud and told them I was in the they let me out. It got them pretty good! I thought it was funny, anyway!

AMFaeScotland Hey, hope that you are keeping fine! When Steve Austin came back to WWE, he thought that WWE Programming wasn't up to the highest standard that it could be/has been. He felt, along with some fans, that the writing for the programmes, should be handed back to the wrestlers. Do you agree with Austin, and if so, how would you change the current way the writing for story lines is actually conducted? Thank you, and good luck with singing/writing and getting back into the ring.

*I think that both parties should be able to contribute equally to the creative a 50/50 deal....because it is difficult for any writing team to continuously produce new and interesting material souly on their own. The wrestlers can provide imput that they feel could benefit their character as well as appeal to the fans.