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Part 1:                                                                                                                                                   

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Page 1 of 3 Posted August 14, 2003

Uneek - Jeff, What was goin through your mind when you were standing ontop of the 20 foot Ladder at WrestleMania 16? (Befor you did the Swanton to Bubba) *"Am I gonna get in trouble for this because I'm not supposed to go from the top? Man....this is WRESTLEMANIA!!! Holy Shit...Here we go!"

Hulachickus - Jeff and Beth: Would you rather have a genie or an angel? *An Angel.

Jerichosbabygirl - Hey Jeff... I miss you... I think you are so great and hope you are doing well.. I have question that I would really loved to know because I love the WWE and really wanted to ask you.... What inspired you the most about being a WWE superstar? *Fulfilling a dream that many people didn't think was possible....and proving them wrong in the process.

Jill-Katt - For Jeff and/or Beth: Would you consider making and selling or putting on e-bay an Aluminami (sp?) for people to buy? *Yeah, we're in the process of doing that now.

TAM_2K3 - Please can I have Witty? *Ummmm....No. LOL

Blueice - Hey! Jeff I read your book "Exist 2 Inspire" and read that you and Matt trained people to wrestle. I was wandering if you still do that. I don't mean right now because I'm only 16, but in a few years. I really want to be a professional wrestler. Its my dream. I read that Amy(Lita) trained with you and Matt and she is doing awsome! Thanks! Love ya. PS: I love your animals! Your dogs are so cute! *No, we don't train anyone anymore.

Sue - Jeff, How is your relationship with Matt know since you left wwe do you guys ever hang out at all since you live close together. also how are tings with you and Shannon? *Things are great with both Matt and Shannon. Matt and I still hang out....we'll have little get-togethers at his house to watch TNA PayPerViews and Smackdown! Nothing has changed really.

Punky Vurst2 - HELLOOO!! I only have one question.. so.. I want to be a diva of WE.. and I love the aero and ladders fights!!! so.. I want to know that if you(jeff) can teach me in A pair of years the aero and ladders fights!! so.. I love u style congratulations!!! you dogs are some beautifull!! and please.. return soon at the federation.. we miss you!! *I don't train wrestlers anymore....sorry!

Rockergirl77 - What do you miss most about WWE (Or something involved with it), now that you're not there anymore? *Being on TV every week.

Ashleigh - Question for Jeff: "Back in the WWE, who did you hang out with the most or traveled with, who and why?" *Justin Credible....we have a lot of the same music interests and would get together and play our guitars.

Rob Ryzin - To Jeff: What would be the best way to get to the WWE and if you have heart and desire is it a "good" chance to get in??*Commitment is a huge part....having a little talent doesn't hurt either.

A World Crazed - Jeff wears a cross on a bit of rope around his neck. i was just wondering why he's wears it all the time and does it have any special meaning to him? *It was more or less a good luck charm.

TrevVi - I know in the past you wore a cross on your necklace and I realize you've been through a lot in your life. So I was wondering if you believe in God and are you a Christian? *Yes, I believe in God and I consider myself a Christian.