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Part 2:                                                                                                                                                  

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Group #8 June 01, 2004 Page 2

So Much To Tell You what do you think the most amazing thing is?

*Good health on earth.

Literal Profanity just a quick thing first to say to Jeff. Well Jeff the thing is i just wanted to say that becasue of you i leared to stand up for what i beleive in. I am very unique in what i wear and my hair like you. I used to get beat on for it alot with one incident involving a brick and the back of my head. It usually occured with three people against me or more. Well by seeing you it made me stick to my guns and and learn to stand up for myself. I have had a hard life but now it's good i am very happy. I am now training with NWA to become a pro wrestler all my mates call me ryan hardy becasue they say i look like you lol wand i can swanton bomb just like you ** very pleased with myself lol** My Question for you my inspiration to be unique is: What would be your advice to me to become recognized inside the ring..i know about dressing uniquly as i do but charima wise what advice would you give??? i am sorry but could you give me your opinion on this poem i wrote about life please aswell.?

*Always remember, in pro wrestling, the losers are successful, too. I've always said, "I shine when I sell" have to be willing to get your ass kicked and determined to kick some ass!

PoetryInWind1214 my question for jeff is: after you stated in your shoot video that you did expirement with drugs there was a lot of drama. did you ever think people would get that worked up over it? thanks!


Katelyn Hey Jeff, Beth and evry1 else in the Imagi-Nation! My name's Katelyn and my question is for both of you: If you could be any one person, past or present who would it be? Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! Hope to c ya in Australia soon!

*Jeff: Christopher must have been pretty cool finding out that the world was round....

Meghan My question is for Jeff. I was just wondering what your plans are for your music. What exactly are you planning, like, do you plan on keeping it a hobby or do you plan on trying to work with a label and release it? Also if it is not too much trouble, I was wondering what you used to record everything you have online? Thank you so much for everything. Thanx to Beth too.

*Imphasis is not on finding or working with a label....but just releasing it. BOSS BR-1180 Digital Recording Studio and a KORG Triton Music Workstation/Sampler keyboard.

Goofy_Girl20 First I would like to thank Jeff, Beth and Willow for answering our questions. Also, I wanted to say that I am working on a book, that is going to a publisher in April, and I have put a dedication to you Jeff, in my dedications list. (Unless that's not ok, then I'll take it out). You have inspired me to achieve my dreams no matter what, and because of that, my manuscript is almost complete!

My questions is for Jeff, Beth and Willow (If that's ok): If you could be any creature, mythological or real, what would you choose and why? (And yes, I know you're a demon Willow, but I didn't want to leave you out! lol)

*Jeff: A dragon....they can fly and breathe fire...

*Beth: A Unicorn

*Willow: A Tyrannasaurus Rex

Hulachickus Hey this is Hulachickus and my question is for Jeff. Have you had any chance reading the comments about your music on any sites, and if so, did they have any impact on how you feel about your future in music?


Blake Hey Jeff & Beth. My Question to Jeff is if you were to have a final match with anyone past or present who would it be? and beth is if you could be any actress for a day who would you be?

*The Stinger.......OOOWWWWWW!!!!!

*Halle Berry in Limp Bizkit's "Behind Blue Eyes" video. LOL!!!

ToniaRachelle Beth.....Were you a wrestling fan before you met Jeff?? For Jeff.....Have you gotten any new tattoo or piercings since you left WWE and do you plan on getting anymore?

*Yeah, a little....I didn't watch it regularly, though. I only knew Stone Cold and Edge....but that was enough! LOL!

*Nothing new yet....but I'm hoping to get some more work on my arm plans for any other piercings yet, either...but that could change.

MattV1Hardy Hey Jeff. What was your biggest thrill in your life?

*Winning the belts in Fayetteville....the first time I pulled the hole shot in a motocross race.

InvertedTwistofFate Jeff, what would you say to a fan you inspired so much that was dying to meet you? Hope to see you at WMXX. Literally dying for the comeback

*"Don't die to meet me....Live to love me...."

Katiebaby2004 Hey Jeff I was wanting to know and I don't know why I am even asking you this cause I know it will NEVER happen but anyway. My birthday is coming up December 7th I'm going to be 17 and I was wanting to know if a fan asked you would you come and strip for them at there birthday party and how much would it be? And I just want to say Thank you to you and Beth for taken the time out for us fans:) and I cant wait to have you back in the wwe Jeff and Beth If you could be anybody for a day who would you be and why?

*How much you got? LOL!!! Just kidding! But thanks for asking! LOL!

*Jeff: God....just to see if there's any pressure.....

*Beth: Halle Berry in Limp Bizkit's "Behind Blue Eyes" video....for obvious reasons, of course! LOL!

WitheredDreamer Hey Jeff, As everyone else, I can't wait to see you back in the ring. However my question has to do with cooking, I've noticed in your article with RAW magazine a while back that it was published you make an awesome chocolate cake. I was wondering what are other things you manage to conjure up in the kitchen, and if you had a personal favorite dish. Thanks!

*Actually....Beth was the one that made that cake. Not me. But, I do make a mean grilled cheese sandwich and can mix up some pretty good Oodles of Noodles every now and then! LOL! My personal favorite would have to be those little personal pizzas that come 2 in a box....the 4 cheese pizzas! They're awesome!

TAM-Number1BedTester ok i no i wasnt meant 2 ask a question that has already been asked but this is 4 old times sake! do u think witty needs a holiday???coz i think he does! nd i think he sud come 2 stay with me! i mean i wud give he back maybe in a few years..but u'd get him bk honest! hehehe soz had 2 ask!

*Ummm.....nope. But thanks for asking! LOL!

Kaylee ok sooooooo, hi jeff :D and beth :D out of plain curiousity *coughandforourplancough* where exactly would you keep your backup generator that is if you have one? and also if ya dont mind, whats the easiest way to bring your security cameras down? this is only so tam can have aaaaaaaaaaaah tra la la la! and i can get woooooooooopdidooo! oh and beth.. its jon bon jovi.. right? i love you both loads,good luck for the future ;) mwah!

*In all honesty....*cough*doyouactuallythinkwe'dtell?*cough*....we don't have a backup generator. Well, the easiest way would probably be to use a ladder, but since we don't have one that reaches any of the cameras, you'd have to climb the tree. I watched Jeff when he climbed those trees to put the cameras up, and I'd have to say that it didn't look the slightest bit easy! But we do hope that Tam can have aaaaaaaaaaaah tra la la la! and you can get woooooooooopdidooo! Sounds like it could be fun! And, yes, it is Jon Bon is! LOL!!!!!


*I don't actually remember who it was, but I treated them like a star. I did nothing the same and everything different.

Bratct4life Jeff how did you do your hair before you started dying it? Was it layered? If you were coming back to the wwe, what things would you change about your appearence in the ring and what story line would you wanna be i?

*No, it was long on the top and shaved underneath and on the sides.

Dorie First I wanna Say that I am a Huge fan of Yours:) And you are Such a inspiration to Alot of People But my Question for You is, What inspires your Beautuful Poetry, Artwork, & Music?? Its all so Amazing, just like you:) Thanks for All you do for your Fans. Love ya Jefutf

*My everyday surroundings and experiences.

Jill_Katt First off, Thank You for taking the time to let us here get to know the both of you better. I have a 2 part question. 1) Jeff - Can you please tell us the real meaning of your Christmas Gift (the fish) to Matt last year at Christmas? 2) Inquiring Minds wanna know .... Just how old were you when you had sex in the tree?

*1) It really had no meaning....crazy, sick joke, I!

*2) 8 months older than she was....

AHardyGirl I would like to start by saying Hi to both Jeff and Beth. I really want to thank you for this opportunity again. You are so sweet for taking the time to answer all of these questions for your fans. My question is: Do you want to go solo when you make your return to the WWE or do you want to be part of a tag team? If you want to be in a tag team, who would you most like to be partnered with? Thanks again to both of you! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU BACK IN ACTION!


TOOTOO_KICKS_ASS_22 Jeff - What do you miss most about not being on the road with WWE? What do you miss the least?

*Being on TV.....airports.

Degalia Jeff and Beth...I can't think of a good enough question or one that hasn't already been asked over and over. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you both that you are truly amazing people. Thank you for everything you have done for this group and for everything Jeff has done for his fans. I send you much love and appreciation, and total respect. Thank you for making our little corner of the world a better place.

*Thanks! Just saying that is good enough. And to you, and everyone else, the feelings are mutual!

Faith2eXtreme Jeff and Beth, hey guys, I was wondering if you have listened to the debut album from Smile Empty Soul, if not you guys may want to check it's great.

*YES! They are awesome! My brother had their cd....that's where I first heard them. So, I had to let Jeff hear them, also. ***While we're on the subject of music....check out - timid - ....( )....they are absolutely awesome! My newest fave! LOL!***