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Part 2:                                                                                                                                                  

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Page 2 of 3 Posted August 14, 2003

Heartsickjody - Hi Jeff You inspired me to write by just reading some of your poems. I write mostly plays and I was wondering if I could use you as a character for one of my plays? I also would like to thank you for sharing the pics of the puppies with us. They are very cute and me having a pit bull I know that taking care of a puppy or a dog at that matter is a tough job but a very rewarding one. *Yes.

INTAGLIO3MONOLITH - My question is for Willow, What are Willow’s Trademark Moves? *Whisper In The Wind and Whisper Kill

AmyJr_MrsJeffHardy4Life - I don't know if you got my questions already or not but here they are...Jeff-What is the one thing that attracts you to Beth? Beth-What is one thing that irritates you about Jeff? *We can't narrow those questions down to just one answer! LOL!

Kiki - Jeff: If a person had a chance to spend 48 hours with you, what would you do in those hours to show the true Jeff Hardy? *Work their ass off beautifying the Imagi Nation!

Jenero77 - Beth: What is your astrological Sign?? Jeff: As a Virgo myself, I am a very picky with food and I was wondering how do you like your steak cooked?(rare,medium well, well etc) sorry about the odd question!! *Beth: more hints! LOL Jeff: Medium well

Emoetrygirl - Jeff, What is the one thing that you can tell us about yourself that fans would be truly surprised to know? *"SKITTLES" is neither my favorite candy nor my nickname! Who came up with that anyway???

Kianna - Hi Jeff i am a really big fan of you. umm i was just wondering what type of body paint you used to paint your arms and where you bought it. *It was acrylic craft paint that I would pick up from any Wal-Mart and the UV stuff was from a special effects company called Wildfire.

LuvDMBnJHardy - Hi Jeff, my name is Tammy, my question to you is: how often to you wear thongs? I remember seeing a pic of you in, i think, orange thongs...(unless i was seeing things, lol) Thanks!! *Not very often....I don't have any orange

Deangirl - Jeff & Beth What has been the scariest movie/s you have ever seen? *Blair Witch 2

Stormystar - Hey Jeff, The fans know alot about you from your book , wrestling, this group etc... but what is the one thing about you that the fans dont know that would surprise them? *4 questions Emoetrygirl....same answer.

ImmortalAngel - this is my question for Jeff: Out of all the funky colors you have dyed your hair, which one is your favorite and why? Turquoise and Purple....because it was cool!

AmberC420 - Do you ever go to Jeff&Beths babies Member Pics page? If so do you have any favorites of the members pets? P.S. Thank you for answering all of our questions Love you both! *Jeff: I haven't been there....I don't do the whole internet thing. Beth: I have been there a couple of times....just briefly, though. I haven't seen all of the pics yet, so I can't pic a fav.

PurpleGoof - This question is for Jeff. First off I have to say Jeff you are a totally awesome and incredibly multi-talented person. You have inspired me more than you will ever know. You never let anyone break your spirit or stop you from achieveing your goals, and I realized that I shouldn't let anyone do that to me either. My question is, do the thousands, (millions probably) of people around the world that you have inspired, let you know that you have inspired them and changed their lives? *Yeah, a lot of people send me poetry that they've written because they say I've inspired them to write. Even more people write all the time and say that I've inspired them to just be themselves and be comfortable doing it....that's awesome!

Katiegirl116 - Jeff what fans websites do you like to vist? and have you ever vist this one if so what do you think about it *I don't visit any websites....I never get on the internet. The ones that I have seen have been because Beth showed me....and I think they were the puppy site, Peroxwhy?, and I try to stay away from the internet as much as possible!

Tamzen aka Melissa - Which tattoo that you have do you like the best and which one hurt the most? *I like the dragon on my leg the best, but the flames on my wrist hurt the most.

super_inuk - Hi Jeff... First of all I'd like yo thank you and Beth for taking your time to answer our questions. You both are just the best!!... I have a dirt bike and I really like what you do when you are doing. Example when you do jumps up high. My question is do you have any advice for a beginner how to learn how to drive better? Thank you so much. *As cliche as I know this is gonna sound, there isn't any better advice than "Practice! Practice! Practice!" And be prepared for the bumps and bruises....'cause they're gonna come. Just don't get discouraged....and definately don't be afraid to get dirty!

New_kid_on_the_block - Beth: Which one of Jeff's match is ur favorite? *Either the TLC match from SummerSlam or his match with Taker.

Lith - Question: I know Jeff plays the guitar and I've seen him play it on the magazines, is he gonna play on the album or he's just gonna sing?? I know, JR is the guitarist but won't Jeff play in any of the songs?? *Jeff is just going to sing....the music is going to come from the rest of the band.

Liz - My question for Jeff and Beth is...What do you think of this poem I wrote?

The Things Death Does
Death sweeps through the world
taking those who are hopeless and ready.
Then out of spite and jealousy,
removes the innocent out of their places.
However Death is never satisfied
for it knows souls live on eternally,
free and soaring.

By: Elizabeth Grace Propst *You're a very talented writer!

Dreamlandsorrow - Jeff: I was wondering what kind of dirt bikes you have? also what do you think of the new pearl jam CD riot act? and Since things say that your favorite motocross athlete is Jeremy McGrath what do you think of the things saying that he is retiring? *I have a Honda CR 250 and a Kawasaki KX 250....I really like the new cd....I think McGrath has had an awesome career and I know what it's like to take a beating from those bikes,so his body probably feels similar to mine right now....and he's proven to the world that he's one of the very best in MX and there's really nothing left that he can do to top what he's already done. I think it's a good career move to bow out gracefully when you get to that point and let someone else try to fill your racing boots.

Hardyparty66 - jeff and beth- did you guys buy anything new for your house or have bought anything recently that you really like? *We are constantly buying things for the house....we're running out of room to put everything!

IRENE - Question for Jeff : If you were a girl in wrestling, what kind of style would you be like? I mean how you would dress in the ring, how would you enter the stage and ring, what music and what would be your "girl moves"? *I'd be a lot like Lita.

Dark Angel - Jeff, if a fan was to buy you something for your birthday, what would you want? I love you. *I would want what that fan wanted me to have.

JessicaLuvsJeffytails - Hi Jeff I have a tattoo of your face on my back I had it done about a year ago and I did it because you changed my life and you also saved my life so I'd like to thank you . Now my question is that some people make fun or say im crazy for having the tattoo but they don’t know the whole story behind it How does it make you feel if a fan has a tattoo of you? And what advice would you give to say to the people who give me a hard time about it? *I feel honored that you chose me for a tattoo idea. The symbolism behind the tattoo carries more meaning than their thoughtless words.

Whitney - Jeff & Beth What is the most romantic thing you have done for each other? *Beth: I'm not really big on mushy romantic stuff, so the little things mean the most to me. A long time ago, Jeff made me a sandwich and wrote I [] You with the mustard....and he used a weed-eater to write my name in the grass in our back yard....things like that mean more to me than roses ever could!

kyerye - Jeff, In your most recent audio letter you talked about an enemy in your family, are you referring to Matt or the wrestling family: JR? *I was not referring to my brother or J.R.