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Part 3:                                                                                                                                                  

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Group #8 June 01, 2004 Page 3

jeffhardys_diva1 hey jeff and beth ok first off jeff how do you feel about the fact that you have so many people who adore you and also how do you feel about the fame you have and how you inspire so many people . and to beth what is it like to have such an amazing insperational and talented person as your boy friend.

*Jeff: It's cool to know that you have positively influenced even one person, let alone, many. It's a good feeling.

*Beth: Perfect. I know I've been blessed....but we're still human beings. We argue, nag and aggravate each other just like other couples do. But, no matter how mad he makes me, I can look at him and he makes me smile.

Warrior1397 i need to ask jeff where did you get that visor,winter,hat????it was an i3 iverson wore it to long island when i met you at the mall for an autograph....i had facial funk(that's what you called it,lol)and also met you at the book signing in westbury,i'm sorry that i stole your idea w/the facial hair but it was the coolest thing....people ask me alot "what made you do that?"i tell them its facial funk....jeff hardy does it,hope u didn't think i was too crazy,i'm just a big fan.....and beth,you are a very beautiful woman,jeff is lucky to have such beauty in his life,even when its cloudy,i'm sure you can brighten the room w/ your smile.....and also i just recently got dumped by a girl who i thought was the one,i feel sad and hurt...any advice?p.s. try to set me up w/a friend!!!,lol, jkthanx


Tiggerz83176 Jeff, I’ve Been a fan of yours since I saw you on smackdown (When it first came on T.V.) ,and well I had to find out about you, and I found out you were born on my b-day (I was born on 8-31-1976) , I was shocked to find that out, so I've alwayz wondered what you would say if I ever told you that you were my 1st b-day present, what you say to that ( with out knowing that you and I have the same b-day), and after I told you?

And this (Q is for Beth)And don’t worry Beth I didn’t forget about you, my Q for you is what was your thought when you 1st found out that Jeff was a WWE wrestling superstar?

*Jeff: I'd probably say, "Really? How's that?" Then you'd probably say just what you said above, and then I'd probably say, "Cool!"

*Beth: I was actually disappointed because as soon as I found out, I didn't want to talk to him. I figured he had girls all over him, all of the time, and I wasn't gonna be mixed up in that.

SHANERMANIAC Hey Jeff i was just wandering what your favorite tagteam was. Mine still and is always gonna be you and your brother but my second favorite is DX whats your favourite?

*....The Fabulous Freebirds....

ImaJEFFHARDYfan Jeff & Beth, is there any 1 thing you would have liked to do, either together or separately, during Jeff's time away from WWE that you didn't have a chance to do? Thank you so much for sharing your time and your lives with us. It means more than you can know to all of us here at Jeff and Beth's babies.

*There's so much that we'd like to have done, but obviously couldn't fit in. I'm just thankful that we were able to spend the time together that we have. That's something that I had looked forward to since we first started dating. I guess that anticipation will build back up again, and I'll be looking forward to having him home, a second time.

Lena Hi Jeff! I have one important question for you. Do you want to visit Russia (Moscow)? And if it is so, when? Its very important for me! You have a lot of fans in Russia! PS. Korol I shyt its punk band. They had some concerts in the USA. And it s too bad, that you didn t get my letter. :(

*I haven't really given it much thought.....but it would be rewarding to have the opportunity to visit and perform in every country where there is at least one Jeff Hardy fan.....

I_Love_Pearl_Jam Jeff - I can't wait on your return to WWE whenever that may be, when you return would like to be a a solo wrestler or part of a tag team and who would you like to team up with if you had the choice? I send with this my admiration as a dedicated fan forever.


CounselorSmurf12 What is your favorite gift you received for Christmas this year? And I would just like to tell Jeff thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration to so many:)

*All of them were equally great....I can't single out just one.

Never Moore To Jeff - What do you feel is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you and how have you applied it to your life? Thanks, Jeff and Beth for taking the time to answer all of our questions. And a REALLY big thanks for the patience of answering mine twice! ^_^ I can't put into words how much I REALLY appreciated it! Good luck to both of you in whichever direction you go from here! I'll be cheerin' for ya!

*My dad has always said, "The main thing is, don't get excited"....translated...."The main thing is not to get excited." Sort of a funny way of saying, "Don't get your hopes up too high." It keeps you from setting yourself up for a possible let down.

Extremeismyname Jeff, Before I ask my question I just wanted to say thank you for being you and being the sweetest man in the world. My question is, in your book, Exist 2 Inspire, there is 2 sections one titled Outside and one titled Ink. It talks about you being different and being an outsider. One of your quotes was, "Its crazy to me how people judge you for the way you’re dressed or the color of your hair. It’s sad the people will judge you on the basis of your appearance". What advice do you have for us Imagi-knights who are judged for being different and for being an outsider?

*The Imagi Nation is a terrible thing to waste! Close your eyes and imagine.....Open them and fulfill....

PurplePammi (WillowTamer) Hi guys! My question is to Jeff, Beth and Willow....

What song(s) can you not resist dancing to?

I hope you know what I mean....the ones where you suddenly find yourself dancing when you hear them, lol. I have a few but they include R-E-S-P-E-C-T for obvious reasons (although maybe that should have been Dancing In The Street)....and just lately Pinebluff has got me bouncing hahahahahaha.

All my love and affection

*"Hey Ya" by Outkast, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jett...(is that how they spell it?)....anything by Justin Timberlake....but we'll "goofy dance" to just about anything! LOL! Pinebluff is a good song to bounce to! LOL!

HARDYISAHOTTIE What's the most embarrassing moment you have ever experienced as a couple?

*That's a tough one....we're not really embarrassed by I guess we really don't have a most embarrassing moment.

Stue2003 .Jeff what made you guys get so many animals.

*Witty and Imagi were just too cute....I couldn't resist. Liger shirt-tailed the puppies in, and there wasn't any question about whether or not to keep them. But, I think we've reached our maximum capacity!

Jenn First off, i wanted to say that youre awesome jeff and we REALLY miss you! we all hope to see you back in the we soon! Anyways my question is what are some of your favorite bands/ artists of today? i know you love Pearl Jam but are there any other bands or artists of today that you listen to and who are they? *Puddle of Mudd....what's the name of Eminem's band??? (I think).....Outkast.....Ludacris....

Nicole Pieri Hi Jeff and Beth! I just want to ask Jeff what it was like when he had a fued with RVD? he is one of my favorite wrestlers! Also, Jeff, I was going to send you a letter about how much you have inspired me to live after my twin died when i was twelve (i am now sixteen), but i was'nt sure if you would reply since you're so busy!

*It was really cool. I've always liked working with him.....he's a really cool guy.

Gina (emoetrygirl) Hi Jeff, first of all I wanted to know, if you recieved the 12" JEFF Figure that I sent to you for Xmas, that I had promised I would get for you, when I talked to you at the BTW Show, and the STP CD/DVD, and also some candy I sent for Beth? Well anyway Jeff, I also wanted to say, that we all know you as being so creative and unique in your appearance and style. For instance, when you were in the WWE, you got the idea to paint your arm, and to put the glow paint on your face, which looked absolutely awesome... until the paint started to smear and rub off all over you and the wrestlers. So when you do go back to the WWE soon, I imagine your thoughts on doing the paint stuff again are probably slim... only because you already did that, and you are the type of person that is always thinking of something new and creative to do that no one else has done before. So Jeff, will there be anything different about you that we can expect as far as in your look, or appearance, or maybe in your entrance music, when you return? If so, can you tell us anything, or at least give us a little hint??? Thanks. Love ya!

*Yes, we got all the presents....thanks! As far as an appearance plans for that as of yet.