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Part 3:                                                                                                                                                  

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Page 3 of 3 Posted August 14, 2003

Bratct4life - jeff- why did you grow your shaved part of your head out and will you grow your hair long again? *I'm growing the shaved part out so all of my hair will be the same a change in hairstyle is always cool!

Wicked--Jeffs-Angel - What would both Jeff and Beth say if one of Jeff's fan's asked him to be their date for their grade 12 Graduation? *Thanks for asking. If Jeff has so many songs himself why doesn't he make a couple of CD's just be himself? *That plan is in the works.....

Imagi-Nancy - Jeff, How long does it take to make an Aluminummy? And is there anyway to get one?! They are beautiful !!! ~*Imagi-Nancy*~ P.S. Did Matt ever give you the Pearl Jam CD's that I gave him in Rochester to give to you... they are from the Buffalo NY concert. Hope ya like them if you got em.. if not.. GO GET EM FROM HIM lol. *Not too long....just depends....I'm planning on selling them like I do with my artwork pretty soon. I still haven't seen those CD's!

auntbambam - have always enjoyed watching The Hardy Boyz and of course Jeff was my favorite! My question is for Jeff. From the demo and message posted on 'Jeff Hardy Speaks' it seems like you really miss the WWE and you know that your fans miss you and that we think that the WWE is not the same without you! So what I am asking is are you going to be coming back or going to try to come back? If you have ever looked at the Message board on this site you will see how much your fans go nuts for even the slightest info on how you are doing, we all hope that no matter what you do you are as happy as possible!! *In the future...