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Part 4:                                                                                                                                                  

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Group #8 June 01, 2004 Page 4

Hardaeroysmith1 Hey Jeff!!!!!! I love your music!!!! And this is cool an all that you can answer our questions!!! We appreciate it!! I was wondering if you ever heard of Aerosmith or Alice Cooper???? If you have do you like them??????

*Yes....I like them both.....Aerosmith more than Alice Cooper, though.

DynamicJeff1fan2009 this is to jeff what's up i am honored to talk to you because you are my hero and i was wondering are you going to be a part of version one with matt?

*Matt is the only Version 1.....

Imagi_Knite_21 this question is for said in ur book [which was really good]that u played baseball and football. i was just wonderin what was ur jersey number?


Will'OTheWhisp2 My Question is for Willow, Jeff I am from Australia and a HUGE Fan, can you tell me some more about Willow?, ive heard he is from Broken Hill Australia, I was wondering what the "Whisper Kill" is? and is there any other detailed information about Willow you could tell me?, Thankyou so much.

*Yes, he is from Broken Hill.....the "Whisper Kill" was a modified springboard moonsault.....starting on the opposite outside apron......he likes to wear! He's currently training on Pluto to be my upper-hand!

Becca Jeff and Beth have you heard of MADE clothing, and do you have any of the clothes?

*Yes....Good Charlotte, right? No, we don't have any.

Jessica Kast Jeff, I would like to know what kind of movie roll would you like to see your self in if givin the chance? I want to thank you for sharing your talant I hope to see you in the ring again if not thanks its ben one h*** of a ride! Thank you soooo much Love Jessica

P.S. ive seen you jump off a 20ft ladder I call that flying LOL!!!

*Anything comedic co-starring Jack Black.

Skittles Junior when was the date (ex. 07/09/99) did jeff and beth start going out?

*That's a pretty good're close!

ABaDAsSHaRdYGiRL I hope this question isnt to personal but I was wondering Jeff Hardy do you think you and Beth will ever get married someday and have kids?

*Yes....someday.....we've got enough mouths to feed now, not including our we'll add some more sometime in the future....

Nikki Jeff, You said in "Exist to Inspire" that a big traditional wedding is something that you want nothing to do with. I was wondering why you don't want a traditionsal wedding? and what kind of wedding do you want? -thanx

*Beth and I both feel that "traditional weddings" have become nothing more than a formality....and a piece of paper. It's basically a public performance and ritualistic public acceptance....we don't feel that all of that is necessary for two people to be able to spend their lives together willingly. The true meaning of marriage is important only to the two people involved. We can stand on our back deck and profess our love for each other with only the puppies and pine trees long as we both truly mean what we say to each other, and faithfully devote the rest of our lives to each other, why do we need anyone else's approval or blessing? I know that it's nice to have and all, but when you get down to the very core meaning of what a marriage between two individuals's not detrimental. I feel secure enough in our relationship to know that we will always be here together....married or not. I think sometimes people get married out of fear.....afraid that the other person may leave the relationship for what ever they rush and get married....and metaphorically "trap" or "bind" each other with a "marriage license" and all the legal crap that they can string along.....doesn't sound too appealing to me....and I certainly couldn't look myself in the mirror if I marry out of fear or insecurity....who's really the loser in that deal? So, to wrap up some long-windedness....I think it would be cool to get married at a drive-thru chapel in Las none other than The King of Rock 'N Roll....of course!

Whitney To Beth: I know a lot of girls whom are dating a guy and they can't wait until the guy finally proposes, so my question to you is, do you ever just wish that Jeff will finally get down on one knee and ask you to marry him?

*Not really.....only because the "down on one knee" thing is so "traditional".....I guess this could tie in to the ? above.....that's the type of thing that everyone "expects" to happen when two people decide to marry.....and that's just thing about me and Jeff.....we are so far from "traditional" or what's "expected" of couples. What's exciting to me is looking forward to how spontaneous and unexpected it will all be. I know that when it does happen, it will be a surprise with a "touch" that only Jeff can give....and it will be awesome!


***Okay....we know that we can rule out WrestleMania or any time in March...or we've got many more months to look forward to! LOL! Still, nothing has been decided....confirmed nor denied.....which leaves expectation at an all time high, right? LOL! So, the following ?s will all have the same answer.....???....Just remember....."The main thing is, don't get excited." LOL!

Samantha Fist i'd like to say, omg I so miss you i love u and my question is when r u coming back ?


aaron combs Goldburg me and my friend love you so mutch justin my friend thought you got fired and their are rumors that you will be back during wrestlemania20 do you plan at being back at wrestlemania20.




DARRELL hey jeff this ? is for you. WHEN IN THE HELL R U COMING BACK?!?!? lol I went 2 the atlanta raw in april of last year and i was dressed just like you but you didnt show up. That sucked! So I've heard rumors that you're comin' back to the WWE in March, will you come back before or at WRESTLEMANIA 20? Or will you come back after W.M. 20? AND this ? is for u Beth, when Jeff comes back would/will you be his manager or tag team partner kinda like Lita was for Matt? AND (last ? lol) if you can ever come to Georgia for autograph signings will u? plzzzzzzzzzzz


*Beth: Nope....I wasn't cut out to be a wrestler....I bruise too!

Sean tolbert hey jeff i am like one of your biggest fans. to me wrestling has gotten boring cuz you are not wrestling. in Here Comes the Pain i got robbed cuz you werent in it. So..i created you. he looks awesome. So my uestion is Will you return


Willow Wisp Willow Wisp Beth, I am the kid that keeps e-mailing you on Ebay, and I was just wondering, are the rumores true about Jeff possible returning at Wrestlmania in the Cruiserweight Battle Royal?


carrie gross hi jeff, my name is carrie and like everyone i would like to know if you are planing on coming back this month? we would all like to see you back it is just not the same without you in the wwe.

thank you for taking the time to read and answer this question


O0muffy0o will jeff be back at wrestlemania for the cruserweight challenge i will be watching in suspence if he is commin back i think it will be then


LuCa Hey jeff are you still planning on returning to wwe in march?If not when?