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Part 5:                                                                                                                                                  

Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Group #8 June 01, 2004 Page 5


J.C. First of all, Jeff, I just want to tell you that you really are a legend and that no matter what you do, you will always have our support but what I have wanted to ask you is, in your career there have been a lot of the amazing spots, like the 20ft ladders, the Swanton's off balconys. Of all the risks that you have taken, what has had the most major physical and emotional impact on you?

*I wrestled RVD on Smackdown! and took a bump from a ladder through a table that was outside the ring. Normally, tables are broken by a wrestler landing perpendicular or cross-ways on them. I landed just the opposite.....parallel or long-ways.....going completely through the frame. It was pretty rough. For a second, I was actually afraid I wouldn't be able to get up. It was definately an overwhelming and thankful feeling I got when I watched the match afterward. It's one thing to experience it when it happens, but it has a completely different effect when you watch it happening to you.

MindyNHgurl Hi Jeff, Hi Beth. Jeff, I just wanted to let you know that i think your amazing and it's kind of feels sureal to me to actually get the oppurtunity to ask you a question....well my question for you is: looking back at all you've acomplished in you life, what acomplishment stands out the most in your mind and you take the most pride in? Thank you!

*Becoming a WWE superstar.....and winning the belts.

PauL edge-u-cated_mfer Hey Jeff, hey Beth... i cant word this how i want to, so im gonna get straight to the point, this question is for Beth: We've all seen Undertakers wife on WWE television, and how well she fitted into a storyline, like with the emotion she added to it... well, if you were ever offered a chance to appear in a storyline with Jeff, would you accept it? Or, have you ever been offered the chance and why did you turn it down?

*I think it would depend on what the angle was or what they had in mind for me to do. No, I haven't been offered the chance.

Genesis009 Hey Jeff and Beth. This ones for Jeff. I kinda want to know that if you could tag with anyone that has ever been in the WWE who would it be and why?

*Andre the I could jump off his!

jennymenny Besides the fact that they are kick ass musicians, what was it about Jr, Scott and Chris that made you want to add them to PWG? I am sure that you have met a lot of musicians during your travels with the WWE. What was it about these guys that stood out?

*They scream really loud....and say the "F" word a lot......and they are kick ass musicians.....and say the "F" word a lot.....LOL! No, really....I had heard some of their accoustic instrumentals from Shannon Moore, who knew them at the time when he was wrestling in Cincinnatti. I thought they were totally talented musicians and wanted to hear some of their other stuff....and eventually got to meet them through Shannon.....then the ball started rolling! LOL!