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In August 2010, Jeff and Beth announced in a very special episode of The Hardy Show entitled, "Parents" that Beth was pregnant. In the episode, Jeff did not include details of the sex of the baby or how far along Beth was. In October, Jeff announced on his Twitter that Beth had given birth to a daughter. Her name is Ruby Claire Hardy. The name Ruby being Jeff and Matt Hardy's mother's name, the name is very special to Jeff.


For months now people have been trying to find out any and everything about Ruby. Instigating arguements with Beth on her Twitter. Some going to the lengths of saying that Beth wasn't proud of her daughter because she didn't show her to the world. Beth stated that just because her father is in the spotlight doesn't mean that Ruby will be and that all anyone needs to know is that she is happy, healthy and perfect. But the intent to keep Ruby private was short lived.


In January 2011, there was a photo leak of Ruby. The photo was taken at Beth's family's Christmas party and was leaked to the internet by someone who was in attendance. To this day, no other details have been disclosed about the photo being leaked. Since then, during random photo searches for photos of Beth for the website, I have seen various photos of Beth and Jeff with a baby girl. Whether or not it's Ruby is unknown to me and neither is the source of these photos. These photos will NEVER be posted here! The only photos of Ruby that will EVER be on this website is photos that are shown by The Hardy family!


Beth and Jeff are private people and it wasn't until May of 2011 that they decided to disclose details any details of Ruby or show her to the world. The time of shooting of the episode was in April of 2011, when Ruby was 6 months old. The showing of Ruby was on another special episode of The Hardy Show entitled, "Created By Life" which details Jeff's artistic side and candid thoughts on the birth of his daughter and life as a father. Ruby was born on October 19th, 2010. Congratulations to Beth and Jeff on their healthy and beautiful daughter!


From the "Created By Life" episode:

On October 20th, 1987, my mother died.
On October 21st, I'll never forget.
Looking for her in the sky, wondering where she was.
At 9 years of age, I knew she was everywhere!
In my life, in my dreams, in the air, I would never see her again.
But I have felt her everyday. On October 19th, 2010.
My daughter was born. On October 20th, I'll never forget.
Looking in her room. Wondering why she's here.
At 33 years of age, I knew I was meant to be in her life.
In her dreams, in her air, I would never be the same again.
As I love her everyday. One's here, one's there. My two Rubys!
-Jeff Hardy