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Ultimate Insider DVD:                                                                                                                            

Credit: Jeff Hardy and Beth Hardy Online

Guy: Does your girlfriend live with you?
Jeff: Yes.

Guy: And how long have you been with her?
Jeff: Six years.

Guy: Is that Beth, who you dedicated the book to?
Jeff: Beth, yep.

Guy: Talk about her for a second. I mean you talked about it a little bit in the book. How do you have, is she the opposite of you or is she very simular to you? Do you drive each other nuts? I mean, how does that work out?
Jeff: It's like, it's strange cause a lot I don't know if you've seen the Jon Edwards show, the spirit, psychic medium stuff, you ever seen it?

Guy: Yeah.
Jeff: Like some of their theory is weird like with some things that have happened, they're very symbolic and very simular to things I remember about my mother because it is like she has been able to when it comes to things like keeping me in line as far as not going to crazy with whatever it may be about. She's always been real good with like stay on the level of like uhm safeness and you know, keep me on the right track.

Guy: Keep you in check a little bit?
Jeff: Yeah. Keeps me in check.

Guy: Not let you going too far off the ground?
Jeff: Yeah, and she's just, such like you know, I love her to death. Even throughout times that we've argue and I know it would be so hard to have a boyfriend you know that is on tv and does have a lot of, you know the majority of his fans are like little young girls and man I know that's totally like tough and stuff. So yeah, she's just, I love her to death, man. Yeah I love her man. I love her man, that's all I can say.

Guy: So what does she do? What are her hobbies? Does she have simular hobbies as you?
Jeff: Uh, like paintings I do, she sells them you know on E-Bay or whatever. She cuts hair. She's got a, that's what she went to school for and everything. So one of these days we plan to like maybe open up a salon, if she wants to do that. She loves doing it but like as of right now she's just been selling paintings and just taking care of my animals. We got like nine, ten dogs man so and a prarie dog. That's it now but it's like that's a lot to take care of.