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Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Group #2 June 5, 2003

Jeff & Beth:

*I found something on that Jeff has recently had talks with TNA, but he has said [from what I've read in this group] that he's only interested with wrestling in the WWE. Is it true that he's had talks with TNA about joining? [If that's too 'invasive' of a question, I'm sorry, but I just wanted to know because if he is, I have to start watching it in case he debuts, LOL]

No…Jeff has not spoken with anyone from NWA-TNA about joining.

*What is the one thing that drives you crazy about the other and would you change it?

Just ONE? lol I wouldn’t change anything about him…if I did, he wouldn’t be "Jeff"…

*I have been looking into getting a coatimundi and I was wondering if you enjoy having a coatimundi as a pet and where did you get him? Any info on owning one of these interesting creatures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

We love Imagi to death…he’s such an awesome pet! My honest advice to anyone thinking about getting a coatimundi for a pet is "think about it a little longer!" All joking aside…coatis aren’t "normal" pets like cats or dogs…they’re like a brilliant two year old…with teeth and claws! They’re mischievous…like regular raccoons…you can’t take your eyes off of them for a second! They are absolutely brilliant creatures…they will build and construct things to play on and with…such clever animals…Imagi turns his light on and off at will! When he’s ready for bed…out go the lights! You really need ample space for a full-grown coati…Imagi got one of our spare bedrooms! And from our experiences with Imagi, I would not recommend a coati as a pet if you have young children…they can be very defensive…and they’re as strong as an ox! I know that’s kind of long…but I wanted to try and cover everything…



*What do you feel about people on the net spreading rumors about you (Jeff)? and What do you have to say to the scum who have nothing better to do but spread lies about you?

Find the energy to up from your computer, get outside, become active and create something other than lies and rumors…

*How does it make you feel to know that you inspire fans like me to start writing?

It returns the inspiration…

*If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I’d have healthy hair!

*FEAR IS ONLY A FOUR LETTER WORD, but what are your real fears or phobias if you do have one?


*Would you be interested in designing tattoos for others?


*How does it make you feel when you read poems and letters from your fans that support your decision to leave the WWE? And do you DARE TO INSPIRE even more?

The confidence that my fans have in me adds to my confidence in other areas…"My Imagi Nation’s transportation fuels off of inspiration!"

*Jeff what kind of cologne do you wear? Every time I met you smelled really good.


*A lot of us don't believe this, but it has been "reported" in numerous places that you were fired for refusing to take a second drug test. Would you please give us an "official" statement regarding this and any drug abuse allegations that are circling about you? We know you addressed this in E2I, but maybe one more statement from you would finally kill this horrible rumor once and for all. Thanks Jeff.

Jeff did not refuse ANY tests.

*How is your music going? Which song will be your first single? I really can't wait for MTV to say "get Peroxwhy?gen's newest release. It hits stores today. Get yourself a copy today!"

It’s going…our first single will probably be "Apology"…

*How do you come up with the idea to make alumminomies and the drawings that you draw?

They all come from my Imagi Nation…

*Jeff, what is the one question you would ask a fan, if you had the chance?

"What do you want to be when you throw* up?!"*NOT a typo.

*What's in your imagination? (if you can find words to describe it)?

Eternal visions…

*What kind of paint is Jeff using? Acrylics or markers? Cause I saw a picture with markers in his hands....

He uses paint markers and permanent markers for the majority of his artwork…there are a few that he has used acrylic paint on as well…

*Do you have a favorite artist, art wise, or painting?

M.C. Escher

*If I were to send you a letter asking for an autograph would you send me one? lol Actually I just sent a letter the other day, I was just wondering.

We try to return autograph requests that have S.A.S.E.’s and the articles that are to be signed.



*How did it feel to be back in the ring, did the crowd go nuts, and what was the green substance you spit out of your mouth?

Good to be back…the ring could have been better…more like stunned…Mt. Dew Amp…

*What songs do you most like emerge from the shadows with?

"Tourniquet" – Marilyn Manson and "Dead and Bloated" - STP

*You are quite an inspiration to me. Have you ever thought about taking your message to the masses and joining the WWE? Is it something I can look forward to in the future?

I’d love to hate being in the WWE…as I hate to love their product every week…alwayz look forward to the future!



*We all know that jealous crazed fans exist. Have you ever been attacked by a fan, or had any weird experiences with one??

Attacked= No … Weird Experiences= Yes

*Did you ever get scared for Jeff while watching his matches?

I would say that I get nervous watching his matches. I don’t get scared because I know that he wouldn’t do any spots that he was unsure about or uncomfortable with…he knows what he’s capable of.

*Have you lived in the south all your life?


*I heard Jeff can dance good, is that true?

Yes…you should see his "goofy dances"…lol…

*How long have you all been together as a couple?

Four years

*Have you guys ever talked about getting married?