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Credit: Beth, Jeff  & Jeff & Beth's Babies


June 7, 2003


What was your initial reaction when the WWE told you and Matt that they were splitting ya'll up and you were staying on Raw and Matt was defecting to Smackdown?

*I was excited because we were getting the opportunity to see how we both would do as singles competitors.

Are you a flirt? (or were you before you met Beth)

*He says “No”…(not sure if I believe him!…lol…)

All of your poems are amazing. "Insideaway" is my personal favorite. Which poem of yours do you like best, and would you ever publish your poetry? Thanks! ~Tiffany (Belt Girl)

*SEMI-WARS…it’s a poem that I turned into a song…it’s one of my personal tracks…Yes, I’d like to have it published one day.

Do you still watch Raw and Smackdown?


How is it possible to have sex in a tree!?!?? LOL

*Anything is possible!

We're all anxious to hear from you musically! Any chance you'll be making a CD of your own tracks available? ~Tiffany (Belt Girl)


Not really a question. Just an Idea! Have thought of making a water fountain out of one of you metal sculpture. Lauren

*Yes…two of them have “spouting” features already!

What would you say to someone who wanted to someday become a WWE superstar what would be the easiest way to accomplish this?

*Commitment and dedication are a must! There isn’t an “easy way” into the business…that’s where your commitment and dedication come in.

What are you doing, right now?

*Answering your question.

We hear a lot about who is inspired by Jeff Hardy. Who is the inspiration for you?

*My musical inspirations are Eddie Vedder and Marilyn Manson.

Of all the pictures that are out there on the net, which is your least favorite?

*I don’t even know which ones of me are on the internet…so I don’t have a favorite or a least favorite.

Was your middle name handed down from a family member? If not where did they come up with it?

*Yes…it was my uncle’s name.

There are all these fans that want your autograph, whose autograph do u personally want? -Your (new_kid_on_the_block)

*No one

Did you used to get nervous with Beth or your father in the audience?

*I’m nervous before matches anyway…but they were always in the audience…whether they were at home or at the show…but it didn’t add to my nervousness if they were sitting in the crowd…so I guess my answer would be no.

Would you EVER consider wrestling in the WWE again?


Do you draw portraits of Beth?


Was your corvette the car you were driving when you had your accident? Did you get it fixed yet?

*Yes…it’s still being fixed.



We all know what kind of music Jeff loves, but how about you?! Who are your favorite bands and musicians? ~Tiffany (Belt Girl)

*Wow…we could be here a while!…lol… I’m a HUGE Pink and Bon Jovi fan…especially their old stuff. But, for the most part, my music favorites aren’t numbered…I like Pearl Jam, Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Manson, Good Charlotte, old Tesla and Skid Row, Eminem, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit…(Fred Durst is hot!…lol…)…okay…I’ll stop there!

Has Jeff ever tried to teach you any wrestling moves? And No Lip Locks do not count LOL

*Yeah…we play around sometimes…but that stuff can hurt!

Do you have a job and if so, what line of work are you in?

*I don’t have a job but I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and I have an Associate in Arts Degree.

When Jeff was wrestling and traveling all the time would you rather watch a match on television or be there in person and why?

*I’d rather watch at home…my couch is much more comfy than any arena seating…lol…I have a better view than anyone at the show…I’m not worried about the person sitting next to me spilling their beer all over me…lol…and I can wear my PJ’s!

Do you have any tattoos?




Will you be in the ring again soon?

*If it is Willow’s Way…Willow will…

Can you get a front seat at Smackdown and not tell Matt...or should I say...SURGE!!!!???

*Probably not…he’s the one I’d have to get my ticket from!

How many different masks does Willow have?

*8 total…but only two that he works in.


Beth and Jeff:

Now that Jeff has some time off, do you two plan to start a family?

*NO…our family is big enough for now!

Do you guys plan on selling anymore of Jeff's artwork on E-bay? I love it!

*Yes…we’re going to sell a lot more…

Do you plan on going on any trips or vacations? What's your dream vacation?

*We haven’t planned any trips…Jeff’s just getting used to being home! We’d like to visit Australia…and hang out with the Crocodile Hunter!…lol…

If you had one wish to be made true, what would that wish be?

*For an infinite number of wishes to follow! It’s hard to choose just one! Jeff’s wish would be for the ability to fly…

Tell us about Witty.

*Witty is AWESOME!!! He’s 3 years old…and FAT!!!…He weighs about 5 or 6 pounds…(we put him on a postal scale with 3 lb. max…he maxed it out!…so we know he’s 3 lbs. +) He’s very protective of me and Jeff…very territorial…he doesn’t like strangers…he’ll chatter his teeth really loud and squeak like crazy if we have company over! But it’s not “cute Witty” squeaks…it’s “devil Witty” squeaks! His teeth are FEROCIOUS!!! He’s very loving and affectionate towards us…and ONLY us!…lol…Visitors aren’t allowed to pet him…he makes it clear that he doesn’t want them near his cage! He eats gerbil and hamster food, bird seed, prairie dog treats, Timothy hay, scrambled eggs, Fruit Loops, lemon pound cake (it’s his favorite!)…and ANYTHING wood! He has to keep his teeth filed down because they constantly grow…so he CHEWS!!! He and Liger get along but putting him with Imagi is a disaster! They’re like a huge fur ball that destroys everything in it’s path…but they’ve never hurt one another…the best thing is watching Witty groom the fur on Liger’s paws…he’s so tiny next to Liger! I’ll send some new pics to Luna so she can post them.