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Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


June 8, 2003


Now that you have free time, would you consider taking art courses or any other courses at a college?


Could we possibly see any incarnation of Jeff Hardy or Willow The Wisp in TNA?


Since we know who your favorite artist is, do you have a favorite painting? Either by M.C. Escher or someone else.


When you paint, do you specifically paint things to sell on Ebay, or do you decide later? Have you ever intended to sell one and then when it's done, decide you can't part with it after all?

*I usually decide later. Yes.

I know you have your dirt bike track but do you do any freestyle moves and if so which ones?


Who are your favorite current WWE Superstars?

*RVD and Matt Hardy

First of all I just wanted to tell you that I just love you to death...I just had to get that out. Anyway I wanted to ask you on a previous question that was asked, Beth had mentioned that she thought Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit was Hot! Well besides wrestling, What female singer or actress do you think is HOT! Jeff you have to name someone or I'm sure Beth knows someone. ~Gina (emoetrygirl)


Now that your not in wrestling do you still have time to see all your family and close friends, Matt Shane Shannon. If not do you kinda regret leaving just for that factor?

*I still get to see everyone.

What is your favorite gift you have received from a fan?

*Motocross racing gear.

Is there anyone that you didn't get a chance to wrestle but wish you had and if so who?

*Hulk Hogan

When you did your book signing in LA you had a burn on your shoulder, I was wondering what happened I asked but couldn’t hear the response.

*Motocross accident

How do you feel about Matt losing the belt?

*I think it is to his advantage because I think he will do better in the Heavyweight Division.

Do you keep all the gifts you receive from fans?

*Yes, if it is possible.

What Brand Of Chewing gum do you Chew and What Flavour

*Extra Sugar Free- (in the dark pink package)

When U decide to release an album, do you think it will be released in Australia. (cause us Aussies love ya too)

*Hopefully so.

Hey Jeff what's up? I just would like to know what a crazy fan has done to try and met you? And I just would like to say Thank you for taking the time out to met me backstage at raw march 17th, 03 in st.louis even if you didn't have time and that really meant a lot to me so thank you so much:) Katie

*Showed up at my house.


How old are you?


Are the puppies allowed in the house?

*Yes, but they stay outside for the most part.

Did seeing Jeff in story lines with other girls bother you at all?


What did you think about the story line between Jeff and Trish?

*It was just that- a story line- so it was okay.

Would you ever consider wrestling?


OK I always wanted to know this but is Jeff a good kisser. And my 2nd thing I was wanting to ask you is would you ever think about getting a job with the wwe Sorry if I'm being to nosey. Thanks Katie

*Yes. No.

Jeff & Beth:

Spurs or Nets?


Do you like to read?...I'm sure you what kinds of books or novels?

*Neither of us are big readers.

What is your favorite movie?

*Jeff: Powder Beth: Dirty Dancing

What is your favorite Manson song?

*Jeff: Tourniquet Beth: Disassociative

What was your weirdest encounter with a fan?

*Anytime someone shows up at our house.

When and if you have kids what names do you like?

*Jeff: Patience (girl) Nero (boy) Beth: I haven’t given it much thought.


What about Wolverine? Will we ever see him again?



Can I write to you c/o of Jeff and get an autograph?

*You can send anything you would like signed with a S.A.S.E. directly to Willow at the same address.

Is Willow ever going to come to the wwe? Thanks Katie