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Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Question List #5 Posted July 3, 2003



Which fight is your favorite? You against someone else or you and your brother against someone else? *Tag get the chance to rest when your partner is working.

How seriously do you take body painting *non ink* as an art form? *I take it very seriously....I used to spend 2 or 3 hours painting my arm before a match.

When you came back in WWE? *Do you mean when am I going to come back to the WWE? Well....a date hasn’t been set yet....

Ok, I am a bit shy to ask, I am a huge fan of wwe, and your dogs are cute, this is my question; What is your fav match? and why? Having alot of pets myself (3 frilled dragons 2 cocatoos which just had two babies ...a dog a hedgehog a red tailed boa a green tree boa and a ferret) does it sometimes get like too much ? The way those puppies look like they could get into alot of trouble. gracie raine *TLC from Summer Slam in Raleigh, was such an awesome feeling when the vision that had been replaying itself over and over in my mind finally came to fruition as the spot with me and D’von Dudley swinging from the cable above the ring. Actually taking part in that and then seeing it later on tape produced two different, but still amazing feelings that are seemingly indescribable. I still get those same feelings about it even now.... *As for the puppies, they can be a handful at times. But they really are well behaved. I wouldn’t say that it becomes "too much"....when it comes to your’s just a labor of love!

You recieve a lot of poems. Which ones touched your heart the most? And why? *All of the poems I’ve received are I can’t single any out.

Will we be seeing you in any MotorX competions? *No

Do fans sometimes freak you out? *Yes

How have U adapted from the life as a WWE Superstar to the life of a some what normal life?(What ever normal is anyway)? *Everything is still pretty much the same....except now I’m always at home.

You have symbols on your arm. What do they mean? *Good Health

Which is your favorite Pearl Jam song? *Release

When do you think your music will be available to us, and when it does become available, how will we be able to go about obtaining it? I remember on Byte This!, you said you had something like 80 tracks made! We can't wait much longer! Thx! *We can’t give everyone an approximate release date yet....hopefully everything will run smoothly once the recording process is underway and we won’t run into any problems....besides being released in record stores, we’ll probably sell copies from the PWG site....but detailed info will be made available when it gets closer to that time....I do have quite a collection of songs completed, but they’re just me....they’re not PWG (the band) songs as a whole....If you say you can’t wait much that a reflection of your loyalty as a fan?

I was wondering what you feel like while you are working on your art? Thank you. *It’s exciting to see the creations flow from my mind through my hand and form on the canvas.

What is the one thing you wish People would stop asking you? love ya Katie *"Is wrestling fake?"

Who Your Favorite WWE Diva And Which WWE Diva do you think is the best looking? love ya Katie *Trish Stratus

When fans show up at your house and when you are outside do they jump out at you thanks Katie *Not really....they just stand at the highway and yell at me.

Now that your not in the WWE anymore will you still do appearances like at car shows and what not? Thanks Katie *I don’t think you’ll find me at any car

The void still remains and I'm still in the abyss but my question is if you had the ability to fly, where would you fly to first and why? Love and affection Purplepammi *I would fly to the moon and view Earth.

Who REALLY cooked the Hot Pocket?! - ~Imagi-Nancy~*"That damn Sasquatch."

How often are you inspired to work on your art? *I’m always inspired to create new artwork....I just have to have to try to manage my time in such a way that I can fit all of the things that I love to do in 24 hours....and still manage to get enough rest....sometimes that’s not easy!

What's your favorite part of your body and why? *My I didn’t know I had them....and the ladies seem to like them,

What drives you to create artwork? *Lifework.

What paint do you use? *Acrylic

As a wrestler what is your most embarrassing moment? *Being King of the Ring jesters back before we signed....we had to open the doors for the other wrestlers to come to the ring.

What's the strangest thing you've ever put in your mouth? *A prairie dog’s head....or a coatimundi’s nose....I’m not sure which is the strangest!

What's the last thing you've gotten away with stealing? *I stole a balloon from a store when I was really little....but I ended up taking it back to the store and putting it back on the shelf.

Ever saved anyone's life? *I don’t know if it actually saved their life....but a fan fell from a 12 foot wall trying to give me something to autograph. I caught them kinda with my back and shoulder up against the wall. It kept them from getting seriously hurt. What's the closest you've come to dying? *Almost getting hit by an oncoming train when I crossed the tracks on my motorcycle.

Have you ever read any of the slash fan fic stories about you? If so, what did you think of them? *No

IF I SEND JEFF LYRICS WOULD HE CONSIDER THEM FOR A SONG? *No....all of his work is strictly his original writings.

How do you react when someone shows up at your house? Do you give them an autograph? *Usually, when someone shows up at our house, we’re inside. So, they never actually get to meet me. My Dad will usually come down and see what’s going on. But, we’re sitting right inside watching everything that’s going on outside on our security cameras. We can hear everything that’s said, as well. So, if anyone has come by and thought no one was should have smiled! You were on Hardy Vision! LOL And we heard EVERYTHING you said, too! (By the did you miss the HUGE "No Trespassing" sign when you turned in the driveway?)

If someone asked to interview you for a school report, would you do it? *I have been asked to do numerous interviews for numerous reasons, and there isn’t any possible way for me to do them all.

How do you feel when someone says your their Hero? - Melanie *Heroic



Which is your favorite Jeff Hardy look (all of them to me)? *Naked!, seriously....I liked him with long red hair the best.

Since you and Jeff have been together for 4 years, have you ever learned to write poetry or paint? *I have written a few things....but I don’t attempt to draw....I’m pretty good at drawing stick men,

What is your favourite food? *CANDY!!! Does that count? than candy, Chinese food is my favorite.

What guy in the WWE do you think is the best looking? thanks Katie *Edge

Is that you in Lita's video? *Yes

When is your birthday? *The day that I was born....isn’t everyone’s?

When you first met jeff what was your first reaction? *He was the most beautiful and amazing person I had ever met. We hit it off from the very beginning. I was smiling for days!

Does it make you feel weird sometimes with how alot of people (Not Everyone!) seem to act like they can or could get Jeff with like the snap of a finger? *No....because I know that they can’t....but sometimes it’s fun watching them try!

Hello Beth, my name is Ali, and I was wondering if you've ever been to My club *Support Her* I was wondering if you like it? and what you thought when you first seen it?....and if you want me to put something on there you'd like just e-mail me at the group e-mail on the front of the page..thanx!" *Yes, I have been there. It’s a great site! Actually, I was really flattered that one of Jeff’s fans thought enough of me to create a site like that. I don’t usually get positive responses or "pro-Beth" campaigns, so to speak. I’d like to thank you, personally, for taking the chance and creating the site. I wasn’t sure how it would go over at first, but it’s really done well. It just shows that there are nice, sensible Jeff fan’s still around!


Jeff and Beth:

Is the money raised from the Ebay auctions going to charity? *Yes

When do you think is Lita coming back? *August

What TV shows do you like to watch, besides wrestling? *The Crocodile Hunter, MTV, that Extreme Elimination show (it’s hilarious), The Osbourne’s, Dr. Phil (he’s a genius!

What are you fav tv shows? *All of the above.

What is your favourite smell? *Beth: Jeff’s cologne *Jeff: The season change of winter to spring.

Who came up with the idea to live together? *We don’t remember...

Did you name Witty that 'cause he makes you laugh? *’s really a long story how he got his name.

If you two were to compare and contrast the other’s personality, would you say--- You two the complete opposite? Are your own individuals, but with some similarities? Or just so damn alike? *All of the above.

Are you guys planning on getting any more pets? If so what would you guys get thanks Katie *No....we don’t have any vacancies!

Are you guys going to change the puppies names or will you just leave them as they are? *The puppies have grown to become their names as they are....they wouldn’t be our babies with any other no, we aren’t going to change them.



How was Willow born? And what are the similarities/differences between Willow and Jeff if any? - ~Imagi-Nancy~ *Willow was born exactly like I was....but has since developed into a senseless, demonic personality. Things don’t have to make sense to be "good" in Willow’s eyes.

About Willow losing his pants... Was that always planned? *Yes

What is your mask made out of? *Leather, plastic and spandex.

What kind of wig does willow use? *Synthetic Halloween wigs in different colors.


Personal stuff…. I've been wanting a peroxwhy?gen tattoo for ages now but I cant find a suitable design for it. Since you have a better Imagi Nation than me would you pleaz design one for me??? Jamie

*Contact Luna with more specific information about what you’d like, and we’ll try to make some negotiations from there.