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Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies


Question List #7 December 8, 2003

Melody Hardy

I'd like to begin by saying to Jeff, thank you, your creativity (or Imagi-Nation) has inspired be to begin writing again after a horrible stage in my life. Question to Jeff and Beth: If you had enough room in your house, what other kinds of animal(s) would each of you bring into your care and love? - Thanks! Luv Nillenthirwen.

-NONE! Granted, we love all of our pets to death and wouldn't take anything in the world for any one of them....we don't need any more animals of any kind. We would go broke trying to feed them all! LOL!


Jeff, what were you like in 7th grade? Did you feel different or like you just didn't fit in? Can't wait for the comeback.

-No...I felt normal....I guess I was like I am now....only younger.

edge army 2003

Beth, First off your really pretty and my question is how did you meet Jeff.

-Thank you! Jeff and I met at a local niteclub called "Dockside." It took me two weeks to get up enough nerve to say "hello" to! He asked me to go to the beach with him and some friends....they were leaving the next morning. I told him I couldn't do that....I had just met him! Eventhough I didn't go, he called me two days later....and that's how it all started! LOL!


in the hardyz book: exist to inspire, jeff mentioned that he & beth would prolly marry in the future....have u talked about this anymore?....i'd like to wish u both a happy & healthy life together....also i'd like to say thank u to jeff 4 following ur dream to become a WWE wrestler, u don't know how much u've helped me thru my depression after my mom passed away in june of the main things that helped me was watching wrestling & another was listening to just helped to keep my mind off of losing my mom, yet it helped me remember her & how we'd watch wrestling together....thank you sooo much jeff!


ôStaceô aka ôCCKsAngelô

-Not extensively....we haven't been setting dates or anything like!


This question is for Jeff...You said in the last Q&A that your favorite candy was NOT Skittles. What is your favorite candy if you have one? Beth and Jeff you are truly awesome!! thanks Deb

-Chewy Sweet Tarts and Smarties


What marks did you have at school?
Do u have any video on MTV?
Did you visit "Korol i shyt" concert?!
-No.....who is that?



Knowing what you know now...having experienced the fame that you have.....if you could do it again, would you? I mean, do you wish you could walk in public somewhere without being approached for an autograph or picture? Would you want to go back to being "unknown"?



Jeff, I was wondering if you could write a book on anything what would it be and what would you name it?

-I would write about my perception of Earth and the Universe....from an IMAGInative point of view. It's title would be "Equal to Earth."


Was wondering - when you were at a signing or meeting people in airports or wherever fans happen upon you...has anyone ever gotten so excited or nervous that they got sick??

-No....thank goodness!


Willow, we all know Jeff was lucky enough to find Beth, but what about you? Are you single and if you so what do you look for in a girl?

-Do they make "girl-demons"....I mean, do they exist? I haven't found one yet....and that's the kinda girl I'm I guess that makes me single....?


Jeff - Do you feel that you are someone that should be idolized?

Love a HUGE fan : cheLsEa~ (p.s. come back soon!!!)

-Not necessarily "idolized"....I would say "someone that should be liked." Considering my life's story to be somewhat of a "success story" and taking into account everything I've managed to accomplish, I also like to think that I have made for a good role model for young kids. I think "someone who feels that they should be idolized" carries a lot of arrogance....and that's something that I do not.

Nightmocha If you and your brother Matt ever find time to have a day where it's just the two of you hanging out, what are some of the non-wrestling things you guys like to do together?

-We watch wrestling tapes and TNA PPV's at Matt's house usually each I guess there isn't really anything "non-wrestling" that we do....unless we go out to eat....but we still end up talking about always seems to fit in somewhere and somehow.


This question is for Jeff: What is your favorite animal and why? Jeff you are an inspiration to me and you always will be. I will suport you through the thick and thin. Thank You so much. I wish you could know what you have done to help me. You have done so much. If it wasn't for you I probably wouldn't be here today. God Bless you. Luv Tia the PeroxwhyDiva

-My favorite animal, over all, is a tiger....because they are so massive and powerful....I think they're beautiful....My favorite animal....(that belongs to me) Liger....he's my best friend!


heyyy jeff!!! there's this band called evanescence, and the lead singer dresses up just like you, i mean she has the nets and everything. and i've seen a few pictures of her wearing arm nets made out of panty hoses just like you! i don't know if she got the idea from you or not but i'm wondering if you've ever heard of that band?? thanks jeff, i love you SO much! :)

-Yes, I've heard of them....their music is awesome!


Jeff- Do you like Rap Music? If you do, who are you're favorite rappers? Beth- Do you have any piercings? If so, what are they?


Love, Amy

-Jeff: A little....Eminem....Outkast....Dr. Dre....

-Beth: ears, tongue and belly button.


Jeff what kind of hairdye do you use and where do you get it. Thanks. Tara

-Special Effects from Hot Topic.


Hi Jeff, i was just wondering if now that you have taken some time out from WWE, are you feeling any better, and do you think the break has helped you?



-Yes, I do feel a lot better. I've had the chance to get lots of good rest and to let my body begin to heal itself.


My question is for Jeff and it is this; If you ever got into Professional Motocross, who would you want to sponsor you?


(Willows distant, distant cousin)


Never Moore

To Jeff: So what do you seen when you look in the mirror?

-My reflection....


Jeff i have 2 questions for you. #1 would you be able to draw me a tattoo to go w/the HB logo i got tatted on my forearm?and #2 what are you thoughts on being taken out of the WWE video games?

-It makes me excited about coming back to see how and if they will portray it in the video games.


ok i have a few questions and i can't choose, so you can take your pick...

1. Is Imagi litter trained? I know its a weird question but i know you said he, or is it a she? said he has his own room in the house and i was wondering if he was litter trained or do you let him out, like you would a dog?

-He's a! Yeah, we made one of our guest bedrooms into his own room because he really needed a lot of space to climb and play when he started getting bigger. When he was really little, he had a cage that we kept him in....and we kept a box of cedar chips or pine shavings in the bottom and that's what he used. I guess he was "cedar chip trained"!

2. Is Witty supposed to be that fat? In one of the more recent pics of him, he looked awefully fat.

-Yeah....he's a healthy boy! He doesn't go hungry....that's for sure! LOL! But, he's still a little smaller than some other's I've seen....they definately have potential to be whoppers!

3. Was it hard finding a vet for Witty and Imagi?

-No....we were lucky enough to have an exotic animal vet in town.

ok thats all lol i know i am only supposed to submit one question but damn i couldn't decide which one to send lol


Hey! I was wondering what you guys did on Halloween :) Like what you and Beth dressed up as and what candy you guys gave out. :) thx Jeff and Beth!

-We got all painted up and goofed off a little....but nothing spectacular.


What was ur reaction when u got to see ur WWE co-workers again?(If this was really true).

-It was great! I got to see people that I had really missed.


It seems to me that you guyz love halloween, so did u and beth dress up for halloween at all for a party or just 4 kids to hand out candy? And if you did, what were you dressed as. thnx ~Ally~

-same answer - 2 ?s back....


How do you feel about some of your fans calling you Jeffy? Does that nickname bother you?


RaynebowRanger's question

My question is about the infamous belt and towel pictures that almost EVERY female wrestling fan has seen and/or has saved...Who took them? Did Jeff take the one of Matt and the belt? and did Matt take the one of Jeff and the towel? Or were they taken by someone else?

-I took Matt's of our friends took mine.


my question for jeff and beth is: there are alot of crazy fans out there, and i was just wondering if there was ever a time a fan said something to either of you and you were just like "wow, i can't believe they said that, i don't even know them!" and was it a good something, or a bad something? thanks!

-There have been so many things said....but none were really "bad"....a little outrageous!


Hi Jeff!! Hi Beth!! You guys are great and you have helped me through so much, i wanted to say thank you, youll never know just how much you did for me...anyways...I hope your day is going great! I just have a question...hmm...If you could change one thing about your life right NOW what would it be and why? Thank you soo much! God Bless

-Beth: I would clone myself several times to I'd have a better chance to get everything I wanted done in reasonable time.

-Jeff: Same here!


A Hardy Girl

Jeff and Beth,

I would like to start by saying I think you're both terrific. Jeff, you have such an awesome imagination and would like your opinion for a tattoo that I am wanting. I want to have my 2 kids name tattooed on me. I am looking for something kind of different, but still represents love, and who better to ask than you, Jeff? Anyway if it's too much to ask, I understand. I just love the way your mind works so I just had to ask. Thanks for your time and this opportunity. You guy's and Luna are so great for all you do for this group. You are very appreciated.

A Fan Forever, Jennifer



Question for Jeff: Hey Jeff my name is Carla and I'mfrom Belleville, Ontario, Canada and I am a huge fan!! I hope you don't mind but I got the Peroxwhy?gen symbol tattoed on my left shoulder. I am thinking of getting another one and I was wondering, if you have the time, if you would be open to designing one for me? Thanks!! Here's the pic of the tattoo on my shoulder:)

-I would love to be able to accomodate each and every tattoo request, but I have received so many recently that there isn't any possible way I can continue to take requests. At the rate they're coming in....I'll still be designing them when I'm 50! LOL! Please understand my position and accept my dearest apology....Jeff