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Credit: Beth, Jeff & Jeff & Beth's Babies

Group #1 Posted May 30, 2003


*What brought Willow out of hiding?=......Willow's Way!....

*Will he do other shows?= Willow is not booked for any wrestling events.....

*How was it being back?= Willow never left.....although, he is surprised that some people can't distinguish between himself and Jeff Hardy.....he wears a mask..not face paint....he has cooler hair....and he says, "Besides, I look better in a dress!".....(BTW....he did look HOT in that black dress!!!......nice butt, too!)

*Was his entrance like it used to be?= Willow emerged slowly....sort of crouching down....he started to dance....Manson blaring.....then he expelled an unidentifiable green liquid from his mouth...It was classic!....(I still don't know what that liquid was!)

*Will that match be broadcast locally out there?= Yes, it will be shown on their local cable channel.....but I'm not sure when...I'll try to find out....


*What has he been doing?= What hasn't he been doing? has been doing lots of drawing...writing....building....sculpting....digging...creating....resting...playing with puppies....thinking....and just being Jeff!

*Current plans?= All of the above.

*Will he be wrestling independently?= Jeff is not booked for any wrestling events.....

*Has he started working on his music?= Jeff is constantly working on his music....but he has not gone to Cincinnati to record an album yet. This is something that I was greatly misquoted on earlier. Although I did say that Jeff was "getting ready" to go Cincinnati, I did not say that his plane left tomorrow, or next week, or anytime soon. "Getting ready" means "preparing".....and that's exactly what I meant....Jeff is preparing to go to Cincinnati to record.....and if anyone is familiar with the music business, the time spent prior to actually recording can be pretty clarify what I said before......I am stating as the "Peroxwhy?gen Representative" that Jeff Hardy has not gone to Cincinnati to start recording an album with the members of Burnside6.

*Is he jealous of Willow for all the attention he's getting?= Should he be jealous??? "We love...We hate...We die...Forever Willow's Way...."

*How is he feeling mentally and physically?= He's feeling good....the body takes time to heal....and his body hurts often....but I think he's mending well.


*Are you upset about being pointed out at the event?= I wasn't really "pointed out".....Thomas just took me over and introduced me to his sister and a girlfriend of one of their wrestlers, and I sat with them for the show. I'm sure other people heard him introduce me to them, but I wasn't introduced to the crowd.

*If the match is broadcast will you be in the footage?= Not to my knowledge. I mean, if the camera guy filmed me and the announcer identified me...then yeah, I probably will. But they didn't do an interview or anything like that. Actually, I spotted myself in a pic that was posted somewhere on the internet....not sure where it was, though....*will that create widespread panic???*[]

*How is it having Jeff home and how are the two of you doing?= It's great having him home! I was just thinking the other day that it's been a while since I've dialed his cell phone I just open the front door and yell!, we're doing wonderful! For the past four years I anxiously anticipated the day when Jeff would be home everyday. My wish was granted earlier than I expected....but you definitely won't hear me complain about that! It's nice not having to sleep alone at night....or with Liger... who totally hogs the bed!